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Recurring Activities

Weekly Fighter Practice - 

(currently suspended until in-person meetings can resume)  Montgomery Park - Sundays starting approximately 10am to when people leave.  The Barony is subject to all Kingdom and Society policy and corporate laws, as well as all civil laws and regulations.  

Montgomery Park.png

Business Meetings - 

Meeting for the Officers to work the organizational business of the Barony, open to all populace.  

                                             Currently to be held on the third Thursday of the month at 6pm, online.  Next meeting scheduled for March 18, 2021.

al-Thing - 

A Populace gathering that includes fighting practice, A&S classes, event planning meetings, and a reporting to the populace by Officers.  Currently planning for a monthly reoccurring date, online until in-person meetings can resume.  

**If you are hosting an activity please email the Seneschal at and provide the location (zoom or other virtual link will do for virtual meetings) a brief description and name and email for the organizer(s).**