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Information from the Minister of Arts & Sciences

Good Day al-Barran!

On this page you will find helpful links and recurring activities related to the Arts and Sciences in our Barony. There are many skill sets that you can learn about like sewing, leatherwork, woodcraft, etc. and chances are there is an artisan that can offer advice or guidance. If you ever have any questions or need help getting in touch with an A&S group, please let me know. We love our artisans and what they create! We want to help you grow!

If you would like to volunteer to teach an A&S class at our monthly populace gathering the al-Thing that would be delightful. Please check the barony site for the dates of the al-Thing, and send me an email or talk to me in person. Also, I am always looking for the populace to send me articles, reviews, pictures, or artwork to feature in the quarterly newsletter, The Shaft. So again, if you need help with anything please reach out to me. Now go create something wonderful!

Best Wishes,
Lady Róis
A&S Minister of al-Barran

A&S Groups

Project/Scribal Night:

1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month @ 6:00pm
Sandia Preparatory School
*Please check the ‘Barony of al-Barran’ Facebook page for cancellations.

Sewing Circle:

Sunday’s @ 06:00pm
*Please check on the ‘Stitcher’s of al-Barran’ Facebook page for the address and cancellations.


Various performances at events.
Current Bard of al-Barran is Lady Gwenlyn
*al-Barran Bardic Group is the Facebook page.


Various Saturdays @ 01:00pm to 04:00pm
House Muin’tir in Rio Rancho
*Please contact Lady Róis for location details.