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Greetings al-Barran! 

We would like to start by saying how memorable and magical Champions was this year. Thank you Earl Mordygan for doing a wonderful job as the event steward and also to everyone who pitched in to insure the event ran smoothly. The weather was perfect, the tournaments were amazing and well fought, the food was superb, and the bardic was inspirational and unforgettable. Once again, al-Barran demonstrated how wonderful and exceptional our barony truly is.The very next week the barony went abroad to see our new cousins, Gianni and Jeanette, invested in beautiful Dragonsspine. It was also their A&S championship. We saw many lovely works of art, talked with the artisans, visited with friends old and new, attended our cousins first court, saw the elevation of Baron Knut Eldfimr to the right noble Order of the Pelican, and at the end of the event we were gifted with a double rainbow by mother nature herself.Next, our travels abroad took us to fabulous Fontaine dans Sable for Warders of the Western Gate. The hospitality shown by Their Excellencies, Argyle and Alamanda, and their generous populace was truly appreciated. We saw great tournaments. Two illustrious members of al-Barran made it to the finals in the heavy tourney. Duke Walrick and Master Bela along with the skilled Lord Gaius of Draca Mor, fought a 3 way battle until they were near exhausted. In the end it was our own Master Bela whose mettle, courage and skill on the field of combat led him to victory and the title of Sable Warder, the new heavy Champion. Congratulations Master Bela!We would like to remind our populace that the barony has many events coming up in the near future. Coronation is November 5th and 6th, Day of A&S on November 19th, and the next day November 20th is our Toys 4 Tots Tournaments. Then on December 17th and 18th we have our Midwinter and War Practice. These events are full of activities and fun for everyone and you should mark them on your calendar!We wish the populace a happy Holiday season and look forward to seeing many of you at our upcoming events and the barony's many activities. 

 Marc Antoine and Bianca Baron and Baroness of al-Barran